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Research Evaluation and Special Studies (RESS)


“The RESS strand encourages a critical approach to evidence-based medicine, preparing graduates as the ‘Professionals and Practitioners’ of tomorrow”. Professor Trudie Roberts, Director of Leeds Institute of Medical Education

Introduction to Research, Evaluation and Special Studies

RESS is a core curriculum research strand which spans all five years of the MBChB programme. Students undertake a long in-depth project in Year 4 which continues through to Year 5. The projects aim to improve the quality of healthcare in any part of the service related to the clinical specialities. Projects may be linked to Year 4 electives, to include an international healthcare aspect with time spent abroad, or take shape as a research study, clinical audit or public health project.

People & Curriculum Content

Picture1Dr Dan Stark
RESS Academic Co-Lead

GeorgeDr George Ellison
RESS Academic Co-Lead

JosieJosie Mellor
RESS Administrative Team Lead
0113 343 5032

Year Academic Lead(s) Co-ordinator Spiral Learning
Year 1 Dr Naomi Quinton

Dr Shenaz Ahmed

Dr Theresa Munyombwe

Phil Rowley
0113 343 9165
Introduction to practice of research, evaluation and presentation skills.
Year 2 Wendy Harrison
Jodi Gunning
0113 343 6394
Developing skills using real population data and focusing on statistical analysis.
Year 2 & 3 Dr Sikha Saha
An intensive 2 weeks allowing 2nd & 3rd Year students to select a project from studies outside of mainstream medicine.
Year 3 Dr George Ellison
Dr Mark Iles
Refining skills using evidence-based practice and focusing on critical analysis.
Years 4 & 5 Dr Anke Brüning-Richardson
Dr Naveen Vasudev
Phil Rowley & Josie Mellor
0113 343 9165
Extended Student-led Research or Evaluation Project (ESREP)
Independent practice of RESS skills learned in Years 1-3. Work in pairs with clinicians/researchers over Years 4 & 5 to produce a clinical audit, service evaluation or research project.

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Details of how you can be involved in RESS:

RESS Postcard

RESS 1-5 Teaching Opportunities

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